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Economics Finance Accounting
Financial reports, financial manuals, balance sheets annual reports, banks, surveys, financial reviews, informative reports, glossaries for internal reviews.

Manuals, datasheets, guides, brochures, catalogs, plant descriptions, informative reports, machinery, manuals, description, maintenance, telecommunications.

Software,Computer and Informacion Sciences
Client training manuals: Installation, configuration, software localization, web edition, glossaries.

Presentations, marketing research reports, advertising brochures, advertising campaigns, web pages, press releases, client overviews.

Management and Human Resources
Project management reports, codes of ethics, customer satisfaction studies and reports, internal communications, minutes of meetings, guidelines for administrative processes, communications plans, institutional, quality management system manuals, careers.

Law and Legal
International license and distribution agreements, relocation agreements, deeds of sale, powers of attorney, joint-venture agreements, corporate documents, patents and trademarks, foreign trade, import-export documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports.

Informative, books, specific glossaries, genetics, hospital, questionaires, pharmaceutical, specialties, studies, education, biomedical, biotechnology, health.

Marine insurance policies, memos, reports.

Agriculture, Enology, ecology, gastronomy, tourism, journalism, real state, building, sciences, social sciences, cosmetics, chemistry, forestry, genetics, history, biology, microbiology.