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Privacy is a must subject that Ohtime preserves as part of its quality control system.

All documents to be translated are considered confidential by default. No matter domains or clients involved.

There is no chance of revealing contents or any other information related to any translation job whatsoever.

Only an explicit order, properly authorized by the customer can disclosure the information. Sometimes, there are reasons to publish the translated documents, in order to be reviewed by third parties or simply because they are public by nature. Ohtime will ask the customer or authorized representative, for a written confirmation about which contents are to be disclosed and who are the persons to be contacted.

In order to this, when a team is set up for a certain project, a project manager is assigned. This person will be in charge of all related communications.
No one else, besides the manager, has that authorization, unless the customer places an explicit claim.

NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreement) available in different formats.