Translation Services


OHTIME TRANSLATION SERVICE is an established company in Brazil, covering complete translation services in all areas to commit to high-quality language standards in many languages.

Our services include end-to-end solutions, file conversion, project management, translation, transcriptions, transcreation, proofreading, and quality assurance. Our own Desktop Publishing department delivers first-class DTP services in all Western Languages.

OHTIME also delivers first-class localization services for many well-known companies in all areas: Web, IT Domains, Software, Surveys, Marketing, Special Developments, and Studies. Companies doing business worldwide need to provide communications in the native language of their global customers, business partners, and employees. This requires exact, precise, and culturally-relevant translations of contents, products, and services.

Our professional group works in-house. We specialize in all technical and general domains including IT, Arts, Science, Engineering, Glossaries, Software, Hardware, Human Resources, SAP, E-learning, all Medical fields, Finance, Economics, Technical, Telecommunications, Machinery, Construction, Mechanics, Electric, Chemistry, Electronics, Web translation, and Localization, HTML edition, Any tagged language, XML support.

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